About Esther Golton

“Golton’s music has such a rich vibe about it, the kind of sound that sends chills down my spine, because it is like I’ve discovered a secret that the rest of the world will soon find out about…” ~ Josh Cole, Frontiersman ~

We’re all thirsting for music that is Not Boring.  Music that tugs gently on our ears and takes us on a magic carpet ride to somewhere new and deep and rich.  Esther Golton creates music that satisfies the quest for something delightfully different and diverse.  Her voice has been described as  “silky smooth, precise and winsome.”  Add an unusually intricate use of the mountain dulcimer, stunningly fluid flute, and melodic, colorful writing, and you begin to turn heads.

“Solid, solid vibrant work. Inspiring. It’s beautiful.” ~ Peter Mulvey, Recording Artist ~

Philadelphia born, educated with a degree in flute performance, jazz and composition, Esther moved to Alaska in 1997 to live a simple life in a wilderness log cabin.  “Alaska is a place of extreme weather and fiercely independent people.  And it’s beautiful.  I think my songs and style have come to evoke that experience.”

Esther’s extraordinary life has included an Appalachian Trail Thru-hike (’91), 2 years in Tokyo teaching English and busking in the train stations (’92-’93), self-building a cabin while in Alaska (’98), and traversing the U.S. as a touring singer-songwriter (’07-present).  She was also an integral part of Whole Wheat Radio, an 8-year web-radio project (’02-’10) that encouraged discovery and support of independent music, and hosted top-notch touring acoustic musicians for live-webcast house concerts, as well as providing a community gathering space to the local townsfolk.

Esther’s newest work, Stay Warm, was just released in May, 2013.   She previously produced 2 other projects:  a lyrically rich collection of songs titled Unfinished Houses, and Aurora Borealis: Conversations with Alaska’s Northern Lights, an album of exquisite flute-dulcimer instrumentals.

“The world so needs works of honesty and truth and worth like these.” ~ Carrie Newcomer, Recording Artist ~



2013  Stay Warm
2009  Aurora Borealis: Conversations with Alaska’s Northern Lights
2007  Unfinished Houses
2002  Talkeetna Roadhouse Live (out of print)

…a dulcimer, a flute, a song, a smile…