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Stay Warm   …whimsical & soul-warming, flavored with Alaska…
[wp_cart:Stay Warm CD:price:14.99:var1[Want it signed?|Unsigned (unopened)|Signed (If special, tell me at checkout)]:end]Adventurous mountain dulcimer, flute, and a sincerely expressive voice.  Artful lyrics and entrancing multi-genre instrumentation.  A love song involving a nectarine and an avocado.  Esther’s 3rd CD is a real gem for creative souls.  Hear audio samples in player to the right, read more detailed description here. Prefer a download?  Scroll down.

1. Overjoyed (Christine Kane cover)
2. Nectarina & Avocado
3. Fireweed Ladies
4. Yula (Borrina Mapaka cover)
5. Where is the Field
6. Echo Point
7. Chokecherry
8. What Can I Say
9. Face
10. Wintered In
11. Stay Warm


$14.99 plus shipping

Aurora Borealis:Conversations with Alaska’s Northern Lights

[wp_cart:Aurora Borealis CD:price:14.99:var1[Want it signed?|Unsigned (unopened)|Signed (If special, tell me at checkout)]:end]An exquisite musical painting of Alaska’s northern lights.  These magically calm, colorful flute and mountain dulcimer instrumentals were all written and performed by Esther. This collection is well-suited to relaxation, massage, yoga, meditation, healing, and study. Listen here.

1. Pale Green Oracle
2. Gentle Arc of Peace
3. Eve of the Red Sky
4. Shibori No Sora (Tiedye Sky)
5. The Unseen Visitor
6. Tiptoe, Maybe She’ll Come Out
7. Queen of Light Holds Court with the Loon
8. The Rarest Waltz
9. Giggling Star Fairies
10. Shakuhachi Tapestry
11. Unfolding Curtains
12. Amazing Grace

 uf2$14.99 plus shipping

Unfinished Houses

[wp_cart:Unfinished Houses CD:price:14.99:var1[Want it signed?|Unsigned (unopened)|Signed (If special, tell me at checkout)]:end]An unconventional delight. The dulcimer surprises you, sometimes playing jazzy chord progressions that seem impossible for a non-chromatic 4-stringed instrument. The flute improvs are both lush and spare.  Esther’s voice is vivid, pretty, and pronounced with 13 songs encompassing heartfelt stories. poetic soundscapes, and quirky philosophical musings. Listen here.

1. Reasonland (Antje Duvekot cover)
2. Going To Shadu
3. The Hoedown Philosopher
4. Happy All The Time (Danny Schmidt cover)
5. Unfinished Houses
6. Emily Has Compassion Fatigue (3 Blind Mice cover)
7. Louise
8. Love Is Easy
9. Sugar
10. All The Room I Need
11. Primordial Soup
12. Fog
13. Keli Mahoney



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…a dulcimer, a flute, a song, a smile…