Quotes, Kind Words, & Press Clippings

From Gene Shay, The Folk Show, WXPN, Philadelphia
“I just listened I am truly impressed.  And to make it even sweeter I am delighted that I had some influence on the musical direction you’ve chosen.  Actually I’m thrilled that my old radio shows got you into dulcimer and the kind of quality music you create.  Wow!”

From Stan Hall, Portland Oregonian
“…her catchy, humor-rich songs really do evoke the wildness of Alaska without beating you over the head with the kinds of clichés in which a less talented folk singer might wallow.”

From Danny Schmidt, Red House Records Recording Artist
“On Stay Warm, Esther delivers insightful, highly crafted and complex tunes with gentle whispery vocals that are somehow more whimsical than sultry, innocent as a sister’s late night tales by flashlight inside a tent. Really sweet, lovely and accessible.”

From Jerry Rockwell, Mountain Dulcimer Luthier &  Recording Artist
Stay Warm is a wonderful, evocative new album.  Every song is a gem.  There is an amazing diversity of rhythmic feels, so many textures, imagery that won’t quit coming at you, and it all hangs together in an amazing thread!”

From Daniel Barbanel aka Mr. Diagonal – Pianist/Singer/Composer, Brussels, Belgium
Stay Warm is nicely produced, with top-notch arrangements.  Esther’s voice is spot on, crystal clear, in tune.  You can really hear the Alaskan landscapes – natural and human – in her music.”

From Carrie Newcomer, Rounder Records Recording Artist, Singer-Songwriter
“It is an act of courage and bravery whenever we send our art out into the world; but the world so needs works of honesty and truth and worth like these.”

From Peter Mulvey, Signature Sounds Recording Artist, Singer-Songwriter
“Solid, solid vibrant work. Inspiring.  It’s beautiful.”

From Christine Kane, Singer-Songwriter, Mentor to Women who are Changing the World
“Thank you for recording my song.  What an honor!  Your work is truly soulful and lovely…”

From Dan Landrum, Dulcimer Players News Magazine
“I’m picky about what I listen to and I love Unfinished Houses.  It is interesting, daring, personal and feels honest.   There are very few CDs that I listen to in the process of choosing reviews that make it into my iTunes library.  [Unfinished Houses] went right in after one listen.”

From Josh Cole, The Frontiersman, Mat-su, Alaska
“Golton’s music has such a rich vibe about it, the kind of sound that sends chills down my spine, because it is like I’ve discovered a secret that the rest of the world will soon find out about….”

More From Josh Cole, The Frontiersman, Mat-su, Alaska
“Golton’s vocals are silky smooth, precise and winsome… She has a fluency to her words that allow the listener to decipher every syllable uttered. She has a way of telling her stories that make you feel as if you shared with her in her experiences personally.”

From Bud Johnson – Producer/Host – Acoustic Accents syndicated radio show,\
Unfinished Houses is terrific!  So good on so many levels.  Very diverse in style – kind of quirky in a really fun way (ala Annie Gallup).  Nice choice of covers too.  It will certainly get some spins on the show starting with this week’s program. Again, I can’t tell you how pleased I am to have an Alaskan artist with a great record that I can showcase on the program. OK I’m starting to gush….”

From Sandra Rangusa, Conductor/Music Director Montgomery Philharmonic, Marketing Director for Haynes Flutes
“I listened to your Aurora Borealis CD  and was amazed at the beauty of the music. Your pieces are so beautiful and very heartfelt.”

From Arbutus Cunningham, Author & Storyteller
“Been listening to Aurora Borealis a lot; it has carried me through re-entry, house-cleaning, cat shit (the damn cat gets pissed when I leave and, no doubt thinking outside the box, does the dirty under the desk or back of the blanket chest or this time it was in the avocado tree), scraping ice off the porch, and also digging out the vegetable crisper. I understand the theory of refrigeration, not the practice. That’s a lovely, lovely piece of work, babe. You caught the lights in your flute. My faves are “Pale Green Oracle”, “Shibori no Sora”, and “Tiptoe…”, though all are not just beautiful but interesting as well. Thank you…in winter my ear craves the sweet arc of pure sound.”

From Ray Naylor – Artists You Should Know About Videocast
“Esther writes great songs, her voice is a pleasure to listen to, and her dulcimer playing is intricate, but genuine.”

From Emily Schoen, Knoxville Weekly
“She’s a genuine original, singing tunes that are quirky, poetic and thought-provoking… a rising star…”

From Chico Schwall, Singer-Songwriter, Eugene, OR, personal email
“I really love your CD and have revisited it a lot. You have a great way of looking at the world, full of feeling without being dramatic or sentimental.”

From Doug Dick – Folk DJ on WVGN, Virgin Islands
“The CD is a wonderful mix of well written very literate original songs and some very tastefully selected covers. Esther’s ‘The Hoedown Philosopher’ is one of the best songs I have ever heard referencing the classic Alice in Wonderland. Esther’s virtuoso playing on the mountain dulcimer adds a unique flavor to this lovely CD.”

From Sue DuMond – Home on the Grange Concert Series, Lopez Island, WA
“Esther’s music welcomes  one in to sit a spell, curl up around the woodstove and warm one’s soul….”

From Joe Craig – Jazz guitarist and author of  interactive music theory E-book
“…such a cornucopia of delicious sounds and wonderful ideas… a wonderful collection of energies, memories and well crafted music merged into a way-polished artistic gem…”

From Trudy Heffernan – Folk Music Promoter for Acoustic Adventures in Fairbanks, AK
 “…Esther has a fabulous stage presence with just the right amount of professionalism and personalizing with her preambles–and is very natural and relaxed.  Something I don’t always even see with the “pros”.  I’m even more impressed with her than I already was if that’s possible.  Just one of those special shows…”

From Briony Fryfogle – Make-A-Scene Magazine
“A storyteller feel…elegant music utilizing many different instruments in an incredible mixture of sounds. Amazingly beautiful vocals…”

From Karen Escovitz – Multi-instrumentalist and member of  She Who, Philadelphia, PA
  “The quality of the performances, arrangements, production… all of it is done tastefully, with clear intention and artistic vision.  The songwriting is beautiful in its simplicity without being simplistic.  Your dulcimer playing continues to be an inspiration to me (and no doubt to any dulcimer players out there with a clue!!) — unique, adept.  Rock on, Esther…”

From Nadia Nagaragan, Author of Jewish Tales From Eastern Europe
“sweet… playful…pleasant…true… beautiful imagery… a gem… Unfinished Houses  is lovely and life-enhancing;  it should appeal to people in all places and walks of life.”

From Ellen Jahn, Fan from  San Diego, CA
“I received your “Aurora” CD just before I left town.  It had a wonderfully calming influence on me as I was roaring around here organizing, packing, going nuts, etc.  The music is beautiful . . . enchanting.  I want music like that in MY head . . . oh-h-h-h, I do like what you do.”

From CLN, fan commenting on Facebook
“Heaven heaven heaven! magical, healing!  Listening to your CD Conversations with the Northern Lights has been Amazing!!!!! I can not thank you enough for your  sharing the gift of your beautiful musicial talent!!! I need to buy MORE of your music!!  Thank you  Esther!”

From William Dudley Bass, Philosopher & Storyteller
“…uplifting in a joyful sad high lonesome way when I drive alone feelin’ blue….”

From S. Feldman, Fan, Meadow Vista, CA
“Sounds channeled directly from heaven!”

From the family member of an Aurora Borealis listener who is fighting cancer
“[He] said yesterday ‘I am in love with this music.’   What a gift you provided for him.  It is literally helping him to heal.”

…a dulcimer, a flute, a song, a smile…