December Newsletter – Holiday Sale 2014

Hi and Happy Holiday-times!

A funny little elfin creature jumped up on my left shoulder this morning and shouted loudly in my ear.  “IT’S TIME FOR A SALE!  A CRAZY SALE! EVERYBODY LOVES SALES!”  I nearly jumped out of my skin, giggled fiercely, then conjured up a sale the likes of which I’ve never offered before.

All CDs 33% off, & FREE U.S. shipping until Dec. 31, 2014

In other words…

$10 per CD with free U.S. shipping… wow!

Click here to order
(If you prefer to send a check, please contact me and I’ll instruct you.)

One year ago I had just returned home from six weeks in the hospital after being paralyzed by Guillain Barre Syndrome.  Holiday lights and candles shone and glittered like they never had before. They still do.  I’m grateful for so many things this past year including good health, goals accomplished, time spent with family-and-friends, and your continued enthusiasm for my music even during a quieter time, musically speaking.  Thanks for passing on my recorded music to others who might enjoy it…

Wishing you everyday merriment, poetry and love…

Stay Warm,