Home, Finally, For The Holidays

Hi Everyone —

On Thanksgiving day, I came home on a hospital day-pass for the first time since being diagnosed with the rare autoimmune illness called Guillain-Barre Syndrome. (You saying “Huh?” Go here to read my story.)  Home was filled with welcome signs and flowers and a very happy dog.  Talk about thankfulness!

I have huge appreciation for all the well wishes sent my way via snail mail, email, Facebook and thoughts.  Every little bit has helped.  Every day I make a little more progress towards normalcy.

Now I’ve been discharged from the nursing-rehab facility.  I just spent my first wonderful night at home and have started outpatient therapy.  I can do a lot of day-to-day things but don’t have much stamina.  Still, I’m walking up stairs, cooking eggs in the kitchen and doing my exercises on the floor.  Look at ‘er go!  Woohoo!

Although I continue to feel upbeat and motivated about re-gaining my health and strength, I’m also facing the reality that I’ve had a huge and unexpected setback in my music career.  I was so excited about putting together my big winter-long “Stay Warm Tour” as well as working out the final touches on my first-ever radio campaign and attending my first NERFA music conference.  All the shows I’d worked so hard to book and rehearse this autumn and during the holiday season had  to be cancelled.  That was really, really hard.

But all is not lost.

I may not be able to travel and perform right now, but I can still ship CDs from home.  

If you’ve been thinking about buying or gifting my CDs, now is the perfect time.  You’ll give the magic of music … you’ll contribute to my occupational therapy … you’ll warm my hands and my heart. 

For those who love holiday sales  (like me!):  If you order 4 or more CDs, I’ll add an extra CD for FREE.  You can tell me which CD you’d like as the extra in the order notes, or via email.  The second I get your order, I’ll sign ’em and lovingly pop them in the mail to you and/or to those special someones on your holiday gift list.

Click here to order CDs and help get me back to work!

Please have a very merry holiday season everyone.  Savor the cookies, the neighborhood lights,  the people you care for, your own healthful moments.

Thank you so merry much for your support and love in the past, this year and beyond…

Stay Warm,