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Wonderful Review of Stay Warm at No Depression

WOW! My toes are all warm and tingly — and it’s not my Guillain Barre, ha ha.  John Apice over at No Depression just wrote this GLOWING review of my work on Stay Warm.   Oh goodness … that does feel nice … No Depression indeed!

… The title track “Stay Warm,” places Esther comfortably in the realms of Leonard Cohen as a disciplined wordsmith with melodies that are like milk and whiskey. …

… This CD is a little glorious achievement. Most artists, talented as they are, don’t create a single album as good as “Stay Warm” in their entire careers. There isn’t one filler tune on the entire collection. Each holds its own wealth equally and none sound as if repeated listens would diminish their strength. …

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Review of Stay Warm

I’m back East after a wonderful trip to Alaska, in which I shared songs from Stay Warm in 4 magical concerts, laughed with many old friends, played hard with my 7 year old nephew Oliver, and watched the trees leaf out in fast-motion under the early June sun.   I think there’s a distinct Identity-with-Place that is unusually strong for long-time Alaskans.  Even if I’m not living there now, Alaska’s wild beauty and independent, quirky culture is a huge part of my identity and always will be…   Thank you, Alaskans, for your welcoming spirit and big support of my new album!!

Today I happily discovered a sweet review of Stay Warm written by Cile Stanbrough, who’s been a great friend and true music-appreciator since the early days of Whole Wheat Radio.  I’ve copied her essay here:

Keeping Warm with Esther Golton – A Review on cilesfineline blog – Sunday June 9, 2013


I have been listening to Esther Golton’s new offering Stay Warm for a few weeks now and enjoying the full sound and sweet expression only Esther can elicit in her musical offerings.  I’m a big fan of Esther’s instrumentals and I can hear in this album the force of this aspect of her talent gaining momentum, rising and merging with her songwriting making Stay Warm a multi-faceted and genuine delight.

Esther really shines in telling stories about her life in Alaska; in finding the words and music to express what it is like to live on the fringes of an America that is so intimate with the brutality and beauty of wilderness in the Alaskan bush. Her songs Fireweed Ladies, Wintered In, and Stay Warm reflect directly her experience in these wild places.  While topical in this way, the album explores some of Esther’s more personal side in the songs like Overjoyed by Christine Kane, and her own songs, Chokecherry and Face and the sobering Where is the Field add a poignant and personal depth to the compilation.  The cover Yula by Borrina Mapaka, besides being an outstanding interpretation of the tune, features Esther’s exceptional command of foreign tongues in song. For some of us long time fans there are new and exciting renditions of well-loved songs like Echo Point and a delightfully rocking, What Can I Say making a strong and clear comment on our addiction to wasting in this culture. There is also a whimsical tune called Nectarina and Avocado. You can listen to excerpts here.

My neighbor stopped in as the CD was playing and made an immediate comment on the striking quality of the sound and I had to agree that it is notable. Esther allied herself with talented musicians and the highly capable sound support of 10th Planet Studio in Fairbanks, AK, making this a beautiful offering from an artist that has indeed brightened many lives with her talents.  Buy and enjoy Stay Warm and melt into Esther’s spirited message. Take it to your heart and let it glow.

Esther’s CD (or MP3’s, if you prefer) Stay Warm can be purchased through her website or at CDBaby or Bandcamp

Photo Story: 10th Planet Studio and Musicians

Stay Warm has traveled far and wide in the last weeks, and I’ve been thrilled to begin receiving heartfelt glowing feedback from the first to buy the new album.  The music you’ll hear was a complex collaborative effort in my favorite studio with a number of Alaskan musicians, as well as a few from outside the state who added their parts remotely.  The photos below tell the story….

And now I must go pack for my trip to Alaska – I’m SOOOOO excited!

Click any photo to begin an enlarged slideshow. Captions explaining each photo will show at the top.  Enjoy!

Stay Warm (Part 4 of 4): IT’S HERE!



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Stay Warm (Part 1 of 4): I’ve Got A New CD!


  • The new CD, Stay Warm, is finally done!  I’m so happy to announce my new collection of eleven songs entitled Stay Warm.  Woo-woo-woo-hoo!  You can order it as of Monday, May 6th, 2013.  In anticipation, I’m writing a series of four articles to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how Stay Warm came to life.
  • Wow!  When did this happen? I recorded it in Fairbanks, Alaska in the five months between April and August, 2012.  I collaborated with many fantastic musicians.  Shortly after the audio was “in the can” I began the next chapter of life by moving to an amazing Connecticut town called New Haven.  The five thousand mile transition from Alaska to Connecticut took so much time and energy that Stay Warm had to await patiently in its little can for another four months.  I returned to the project in January, 2013, taking care of mastering, graphics, web presence, and mechanical production, and … four months later … finally(!) … Stay Warm is out of the can and into CD form.  Here’s a long-arm self portrait taken just days ago under a New Haven cherry tree:

Long-arm self portrait snapped on the April day I received 2000 copies of Stay Warm.  Under a blossoming cherry tree, New Haven, CT.

  • What songs are on it?

1. Overjoyed (Christine Kane)
2. Nectarina & Avocado
3. Fireweed Ladies
4. Yula (Borrina Mapaka)
5. Where is the Field
6. Echo Point
7. Chokecherry
8. What Can I Say
9. Face
10. Wintered In
11. Stay Warm

  • Why Stay Warm? The cold is no myth in the far north, and Alaskans frequently depart with a cheerful “Stay warm!”  I wanted to express this sweet sentiment with my music.  The album weaves together my 15 incredible years in Alaska with songs of wilderness, whimsy, snow, and sunlight…
  • Musically, this is my most diverse CD.  Stay Warm mixes folk, pop, rock, funk and world with intimate vocals and harmonies.  I play the mountain dulcimer and tons of flute, and I play power chords (yes!) on a solid-body electric dulcimer.  I employ two djembe players, two cellists, and a classic funk clavinet player named “Mighty Dave”.  I stroke wind chimes.  I sing in the Lari dialect of the Congo.  Just sayin’…

It’s been quite a journey.  I’m thrilled with the results and think you will be too.

Hauling music gear through belly deep snow

About one year ago (Feb 29th be exact – leap year!) I packed up many things musical, and departed for Fairbanks, Alaska to begin recording my new CD Stay Warm at 10th Planet, the beloved studio of the North Woods. Here’s a little photo documentary and video clip of the journey from cabin to car atop belly-deep snow.

This was the typical scenario whenever I was leaving to play a gig or go to the studio in winter in Alaska.  Music could not be made without a blue plastic sled at hand.

Click on any photo in the gallery below to start a slideshow – the captions will show above each picture.

Here’s a little video of an exuberant me setting off on my musical adventure.   And now a year later, my 11-song baby is finally  getting ready to be sent to press.   Sometimes it feels like the whole last 12 months, with all its creations and changes, was one big swashbuckling slog through deep snow…

Newnessness is a word I just made up!

I’m so happy you’re here.  Welcome!  Spring is on the way and with giddy little bunny hops, I offer you my menagerie of newnessness:

  • New website…  I hope you like it!  I see this little piece of webspace as my online living room, where I’ll lounge on the couch and invite you all in to share my news, adventures, photos, stories and thoughts.  You can go to the bottom of my contact page to subscribe to this blog (yep, like a magazine) and receive posts either in your RSS reader, or via email.
  • New location… In September I drove the long road south after 15 great years in Talkeetna, Alaska.  The plan was to live in various interesting places that have milder winters and more abundant cultural opportunities.  I’m still deeply connected to the wilderness and people of the far north, and will return often.  Meanwhile, it’s been a great joy to have spent this fall and winter exploring New Haven, Connecticut.  Orchestras and choirs!  Art shows in converted Erector Set factories!  An African drumming class!  Theatre and movies where you get to meet the actors!  Restaurants of every palate right around the corner!  Colorful international faces!  East and West Rock parks for my walks in the woods…  all of this has rejuvenated my senses.  It’s such a contrast, and a perfect start for an intentional new chapter of life.
  • New CD on the way… Yes yes yes!   It’s called Stay Warm.  11 songs, 9 of them original, and 2 extraordinary covers.  I made the record because I passionately wanted to share these songs with you all.   My talented graphic-artist-fabulous-cafe-owner sister Anita is putting finishing touches on the cover art as we speak.  I’ll tell you more about it soon.  Promise!
  • New commitment… to reconnect to all of you and the wider world (meaningfully, fun-lovingly, creatively), through this very website, through live performances, and through my mailing list.  And I also commit to not spreading myself out so much all over the internets.  I’ll be writing more thoughts about that particular contrarian path soon.

So again, welcome, and pass the word on by whatever method you “like” best.  Sheesh, when did the word “like” become something that I’d put in quotes?  It’s all so … new!

Stay Warm,


Snowy path in New Haven, CT